Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being demoted to the "C" team...

I had a vacation day I took today to take care of somethings around the house, but I spent the better part of the evening on WoW, hoping the guild would run something(My innate hatred of PuG's has not lessened over time). And they did.

However, no one asked if I wanted to go. Because they already had a tank. And it dawned on me then, that I was no longer in the starting rotation. During my time gone, I naively thought I'd come back and be one of the two main tanks for the guild again fairly quickly. What I didn't count on is that not only are there many more tanks now that are better geared than I, there are many new people in the guild who have no idea who I am. This reality shock has caught me offguard and made me wonder about my options.

I'm considering leaving Nym behind indefinately and leveling my shaman to heal; thereby almost guaranteeing myself a spot in almost any heroic or raid. The problem with that option is twofold; I don't know I would like healing, and I know I would miss tanking.

Another option I'm considering is leaving MAS. Not for any personal reason, as I'm still very fond of everyone I'm close with there who I've been through alot with. However,my entire focus on this game has been pve...instances and raiding. The guild is not big enough/active enough to run multiple instance groups on most nights, meaning that there are not enough spots(after all, you only take one with you)for the multiple tanks. Which leave me with a dps DK, which there is a surplus of, and the aforementioned shaman to heal.

I was glad to note that, possibly, in the past this development would have upset me, or made me bitter, or something very silly to feel over a game. Now I'll just see how the next few days goes and take it as it comes. It is just a game, after all.


  1. You worry too much Nymmy boy. True we have a surplus of tanks at the moment but that doesnt mean you have to give it up. You came back at a transitional moment for us as a lot of people are just getting to 80. We (as always) are still having commitment issues for raids. So i say give it time.

  2. Bah

    Skill > Gear

    Especially when it is new tanks verses someone who has been tanking for quite some time. You just need to shake the dust off and get back in the saddle my friend.

    I am always sitting around doing nothing for the most part. If you want to run something let me know. With heals and a tank, not too hard to find the rest.


  3. Gotta love all the love. What a family.