Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No, I didn't forget about you..

But I'm soooooo tired...

My lack of blogs over the last two weeks are due to really, one thing; exhaustion. The toll of 10-11 hour days, plus the demands on my free time by a nearly 8 month pregnant wife has left me little time to sit and think and type. But as I finished lunch early today, I figured I'd try to get something in.

I decided late last week to stop being the only person left in WoW anywhere without a hunter, so I rolled one up. And, obviously, its absurdly fun. I've only logged 6 or 7 game hours but I'm at level 21 and leveling is absurdly easy with two pieces of heirloom gear. Other than one time I pulled about 7 mobs(you can take the tank out of the boy....) I haven't died and everything has been a breeze.

We get mounts at 20? WTF?

As I noticed a little message in my inbox at level 20, I thought it had to be a mistake. I know I missed alot during my time away, but riding at 20? I just freaking got Aspect of the Cheetah like 4 levels before! And its only like 5g for the training and the mount now. Just silly.

I've gotten lots and lots of new gear(who hasn't?) on Nymeros. I've decided that I absolutely have to break myself of the belief that I can't tank something, or that I should be afraid to tank something. I am, in fact, a pretty decent tank. I've been doing it a very long time, and I've realized that other than a few exceptions, this is what my mindset should be:

If you are skilled with your class/role, and you have decent gear, you can do anything.

Really. Due to my limited time every evening, I've only been doing Tournament dailies(finally got Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde, or whatever the massive freaking one is, last night). But last night I got asked to tank H ToC. Now I'd only done reg ToC twice, and was warned by guildies that the heroic version was a pain. Now, I have about 33k hp unbuffed(and about 35-36 with Sanctuary and MotW thrown on), nearly 102% avoidance when Holy Shield is up, and about 27k armor. I'm not rolling around in T9, but I'm not in quest blues either.

And the heroic was easy. Even when the healer went down 3 seconds into the Black Knight and I got through 80% of the fight without one, it wasn't hard. Even with the cleric chick with the old boss summon. Because I had decent gear, and I was aware of how to play my class and carry my own weight. Which makes me sad, because...

I want to do Naxx, but I know I'm overgeared for walking into Naxx for the first time. If I go with anything resembling a competant group, I will be disappointed with what I thought would be a challenge. I've never been so far behind raid progression, and its depressing.

I did part of MC(as a 60), and AQ 20 and ZG as a level 62. I did Kara multiple times at 70, and did a some of ZA. And I never succeeded, but I tried Gruul's multiple times.

But I've been 80 for nearly a year, and running heroics nearly that long, and I haven't done the entry level raid. And the guild members that I feel comfortable with running the raid: Ruhtra, Eus, Edyion, Scrawny, Stig, and some others have already progressed to Ulduar, and ToC, and more. What interested would they have in taking hours of their free time to do a raid they have no benefit in running?

Nevertheless, I'm going to give Naxx, and maybe more raids, a shot this weekend. I'm tired of feeling I've wasted my weekends waiting to do a guild raid and having it fall apart. No one is to blame for this but me; I was the raid leader for MAS at one point, and I know what it takes to get it together. If I want it done, I need to get it done myself.

On a final note, to let off some steam I think I'm gonna do a little more pvp. I just respecced my DK to blood from unholy as I didn't like how he was playing since I returned. I plan on giving it a shot on Friday when I'm off work and seeing how I do. I've never done much pvp, so maybe I'll like it, since I won't be playing a prot pali :)

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